DBI1652E DB2 on SuSe 10

Written By Scooter-google on Kamis, 27 Maret 2008 | 09.36

Begin for create instance user for DB2 on SUSE 10 Enterprise, i have one message from DB2 like this


The specified user name is invalid.
An invalid user name has been entered. One of the following situations has occurred:

* The given user name already exists on the system.
* The given user name already exists on the system but under a different group name.
* The given user name either is too long or consists of invalid characters.

User response

Retry with a different user name

If i create with a different user, i worry my database can't use with my backup data.
because instance user as possible same with the user database from the production database, except i use database with different name, i can use restore into different name database.

Actually i want create with the user exists on the system for DB2 instance.

If you want create instance with user exists on SuSe 10 Enterprise,
and i try to delete that exist user before create instance, after than i can create Instance user from DB2. I already try this and the result is good.

see here